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It is much simpler to have an opportunity to RE-CLICK rather than lose the customer and have to re-target the ad and go through the sales funnel again and again. Simple solution to a big problem.

Matthew Maginley

Lance LaCroix

ReClick is a "game changer" piece of software! And the best part is seeing that it's cloud based - that gets rid of localized system "glitching" that adversely impacts performance.

Skip Nusbaum

FINALLY! Someone is taking Behavioural Analytics to the next level!
This New Cloud Software Is A Money Machine — Get Ready to Receive Shocking Diarrhoea of Leads & Sales in Days

on cold traffic
1,055 brand new leads in 24 hours — as soon as ReClick got installed onto the landing page

56% conversion on a 10 bucks tripwire offer
resulting in $25,542 pure profits

Would You Believe...
It only takes a single line of code to do this?

Wondering just how much money that stupid simple
code could make you? Check this out…

Pasting that code into my Funnel Stak campaign
made me $4,037 in pure profit within 72 hours

This was our Funnel Stak promo page — just a headline, a video and a buy button.

Looks just like everything else out there but what set this promo apart and made it very profitable was the ReClick campaign we
pasted that converted almost every visitor
coming to this page into a buyer.

So, let me ask you…

Does getting tons of buyers & leads make you sick?

The reason I asked is because once you activate ReClick on your sites right now…

…you’ll start getting unlimited flow of fresh leads and a massive rain of sales into your business every single day and if you’re not prepared for that massive inflow, you may get sick of it…

(this is not a drill, I’m dead serious).

FORGET about all those:

You know, all the stuff that promises to increase your
conversions only to smack you with a crap-load of confusing data…

FORGET THAT CRAP because I’m going to give you something better today.

Truth is no matter how good those tracking tools are, there are never going to give you anything more than a bunch of data, lots of data…

You’ll still get stuck tweaking your funnels endlessly. NIGHTMARE.

But we both know that what you really need is traffic, leads and sales… you want real results!

…the real stuff… the stuff that leads to money… freedom, dreams coming true.
So that’s
what you’re going to
get today...
I’m going to show you how to skip all that noise and get results immediately… I’ll give you something that brings in sales and fresh leads every single time so you never have to worry about all the messy data anymore.

And you can see results in less than 24 hours once you fire up this new profit machine in your marketing campaigns…

There’s No Better Way to Start Your Online Business in 2019

….than integrating ReClick with all your marketing campaigns and sites and watching it roll in more profits and huge piles of subscribers into your online business on complete autopilot!

Over the last 8 years, our team have successfully marketed online and grossed millions of dollars in sales yearly but something was always amiss…

We LOST 2 - 3x more sales and leads than we got from every single campaign we’ve set up.

That means instead of bringing in 500 leads in a campaign… that EXACT same campaign now gets us 1,000+ leads.

This is now the case for EVERY funnel, page, campaign we do (I’ll give you the secret sauce that make this happen).

Awesome, right? Yup.

But before that, we stuggled

We couldn’t grow our subscriber list consistently.
Making sales on our products few and far between.
And as a result our paid traffic became too costly as we watched our cost per acquisition skyrocket on all our ad campaigns.

And we started tweaking and trying out every method there is out there… shooting more engaging videos, redesigning our landing pages, buying more targeted traffic from Facebook ads, hiring better and costlier copywriters but all these did nothing but rack up our expenses.

Then we realized one thing:

The visitors we’re driving to our offers are all different people so why market to them in the same way???

And that’s when we decided to do something totally different.

Build a Behavioural Segmentation Marketing System…

…that will allow us to get 10x the converting power of lead capture pages, sales videos or sales pages we’re running traffic to….
to by re-capturing, re-engaging and re-marketing
to our visitors with a more convincing offer…

...based on the unique behavior of the visitor

…a world class behavioural segmentation, automation and marketing software.

First in it’s class!

Now, you can instantly optimise any of your funnels and squeeze out more ROI with the push of a button.

To do what ReClick does for you in 2 minutes on your own… you’ll need to hire at least 1 PHP coder, 1 CSS expert, 1 graphic designer, 1 marketer, 1 copywriter and 1 conversion specialist.

And it’d take them about 3 days to work on your campaigns…

But ReClick will do everything PERFECTLY, EVERYTIME, ACROSS EVERY CAMPAIGN, in two minutes flat.

The Biggest ReCapture, ReMarketing and ReEngaging
Technology To Ever Hit The Market, the only of its kind.

The success of this new marketing strategy is really simple yet wildly powerful…

Because it allows you to monitor the behaviour of any visitor that lands on your site and instantly introduce a very targeted offer based on that behaviour making it absolutely irresistible…

…even better, it will also detect visitors who are about to leave your site and automatically convert them into leads and paying customers.
Here’s a fact check & why you must integrate
ReClick into your online business today:

  • The average sales page converts at 2 - 5%
    ReClick will work remotely on autopilot to convert your wasted 95% traffic into more sales
  • The average squeeze page converts 10 - 30%
    ReClick will double & triple that number instantly

What this means is… no matter what…. you’re bleeding, your campaign is leaking money, ROI, sales… and even if you’re doing well, you’re doing BAD, compared to what you could be doing with ReClick.

Imagine paying for traffic or sending email blast to offers only loose 70% - 95% of that entire work.

Isn’t that madness?

So, let me ask you again…

If 95% of the sales you already lost with your normal sales page could be converted back into sales for you by ReClick - even if it’s just 10% if that.

Or if 70% of the leads you already lost on your lead capture page could be converted into real opt-ins of hungry subscribers.

And all you need to make this happen is just paste a single line of code on your landing page...

Would that be worth it to you?

— Hell yes! .
Listen, this is not about spending more money on traffic… this is about getting more profits out of your already existing traffic, ReClick will squeeze out every penny there is in your sales funnel.

Here’s a recent campaign

we’ve been running since December of 2015

In less than 48 hours after integrating ReClick

All we did was integrate a single ReClick campaign into the funnel
And ReClick doesn’t just work on your landing pages… it also works on your blogs and niche sites to turn your idle campaigns into Profit Machines

With ReClick, You Can Build & Integrate Profitable Re-marketing Funnels

Into Any Site or Marketing Campaign
In Mere Minutes
With The Push of A Few Buttons
And Zero Technical Experience

Listen my friend because...

We're About to Change the Way You Get Leads for your business and Sell Products Forever

Everybody coming to your site is different, ReClick is the only software that allows you to capture and market to each of them differently right on the same page so that you can now…
Capture new, fresh & super-targeted leads for your business

(Triple your lead generation in minutes with the push of a button)

Sell more products faster and easily

(And this time, you’ll sell the perfect products to the right customers who’ll eat it up in a heartbeat - that’s the power of ReClick)

Giveaway coupon codes, discount offers and limited eCommerce bundles

Engage your audience, interact with your fans and have them taking real action in seconds

And It works perfectly for any business…

Blogging, Beauty, Cooking, Gardening, Pets, Kids & Toys, Interior Decor, Sports, Physical Giveaways...

Works Seamlessly on Mobiles and Tablets

Start Using ReClick For Your Business Right Now

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Majeem Mohammed

The UI is mesmerizing. I will buy this just for the UI smile emoticon Great job. Animations for Popup can be extremely helpful grabbing visitor attention.

Harold Henson

If you’re a marketer and you’re having trouble with conversions on their sites… definitely check out ReClick!
Using ReClick allowed us to Sell over 140 pieces of Self-Balancing
Electric Hooverboard in less than 1 week

If your game is eCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify
or selling physical products — then go where the action is
to blast open conversions and crush sales all day long with ReClick

It Only Takes 3 Steps to Have Your Own Profitable Campaigns

Step 1
Create a campaign

We have over 20 professionally designed templates built with excellent craftsmanship and tailored to get you MORE leads and sales than your traditional sales funnels and lead capture pages

Step 2
Design & configure

Our app comes pre-loaded with a realtime live editing interface that allows you to personalize your triggers, call to actions, and template designs in mere minutes — this is where you configure the performance of you campaigns, the platform is really seamless to use.

Step 3
Copy, paste, profit

Now, all you do is just copy this 1 line of profit hacking code and place onto your sites, blogs, eCommerce stores, landing pages, videos pitches, webinar pitches, affiliate offers, bonus pages — it works just about anywhere, just copy, paste and start profiting immediately.

Ajay Khindri

ReClick is fantastic. The geo location is a great way to laser target prospects and increase my conversions.

Margaret Lukasik

I don't purchase marketing products easily but ReClick is an entirely different story.

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And here’s the set of features that are going
to make you lots of money with reclick

Easily Create Projects & Build Profitable Campaigns in Minutes

ReClick is a very advanced marketing software that allows you first to create projects then sort your campaigns into different projects for proper organisation. With the way we designed ReClick, you can have your campaign fully created and built in under 2 minutes — it’s all template based, just click, select, edit, publish!

30+ and Growing High Converting “Top Performance” Lead
Capture & Sales Acquisition Templates Built-in for You

We pulled together our best performing campaigns that has helped us bring thousand of leads and responsible for over $1 million worth of sales in our business through building subscriber lists, selling products and promoting affiliate offers and we build them into templates for you so that you can easily replicate our success - these templates are proven to stop any business from bleeding and convert your traffic.

And best part…?

ReClick allows you to import your own 3rd party campaigns and externally-built templates through it’s “Customer Code Campaign” feature.

Multiple Campaign Types Carved to Deliver The Best Results
on Any Offer
You’re Running in Any Niche

Professionally Edit Your Campaigns Inside Our Realtime Live Editor

Powerful Action Triggers Designed to Plug Your Bleeding Traffic,
Convert Your Leaving Visitors and Drive Maximum Profits

The Most Advanced Behavioural Segmentation Marketing Software
Based on Visibility Technology (there’s nothing else like it out there)

Integral Pattern Disrupt Full Screen Campaigns

This guarantee every single visitors sees and feels the impact of your offers when they hit, there’s no missing it.

Conversion Tracking & Deep Analytics for Optimal
Campaign Performance

You’ll now know firsthand which of your campaigns are bringing you sales and which ones are underperforming so you can improve on them and get amazing results on all your offers

Easily track your visitors, subscriptions and sales on every campaign you’re running with our intuitive analytics platform.

Professional Image Library with Access to Up to 7 Million
Royalty Free Images to Use in Your Marketing Campaigns

Inbuilt Lead Management Tool to Locally Store Your Subscribers
& You Can Export to Anywhere You Want Whenever You Want

ReClick is by default integrated with all the top email marketing service providers but you can also automatically store all your collected leads right inside the app and export to your computer or autoresponder whenever you want.

Professionally Designed First Grade Help Centre
to Ensure a Hassle-Free Experience for You

Easily Publish to Anywhere in Seconds — just Copy n’ Paste!

Works for All Languages & Countries

Everything is Mobile Ready

Sort Templates by their Performance &
Give Your Campaigns Great Head-start

Integrated With The Industry-Leading
Email Service Providers

Zero Technical Skills & No Marketing
Experience Required

Fully Hosted In the Clouds
(No Downloads,No Installations & No Configurations)
But That’s NOT All… Here’s Another Really Mind Boggling Feature
That Makes ReClick a True Profit Machine
for Every Business
Owner, We Really Pushed The Envelope on This One

Now, you can have this monster & addictive selling power inside your ReClick campaigns
Yes, ReClick is the only other software on this planet that builds profitable customer-driven funnels, a flagship technology developed with our Mints marketing platform now boasting thousand of daily active users and already resulted in over $2 million dollars worth of sales generated and 180,000+ leads collected since it’s inception in last quarter of 2015

Binary Campaigns

Discover exactly which products your audience prefer and sell exactly that to them - this has worked insanely well for us in selling our apparels and jewelries, we use this to hold contests & collect super-responsive leads too.

Multi-Poll Campaigns

We basically call this the engagement piledriver, absolutely nothing comes close to this campaign-type when it's time to get your audience talking about any topic, fully engaged with your brand and products. This is also great for catching trends and you know trending topics & offers are very profitable especially for eCommerce & Fan page based marketing.

Interact with your audience,

close more sales, get more leads and stream more traffic on your offers

Our Students Are Already Using The Flagship Customer-Driven Funnels to Grow Their Business and Rain Profits on Their Bank Accounts

Salim Hoy

This software is a monster, it will change lives, so awesome!

Eugene Maxey

Reclick is like retargeting on STEROIDS...What a hack!!!

Quite frankly… with ReClick,
the only thing we left out was NOTHING!

And honestly… we think that at this point, you’ll agree with us that calling ReClick a profit hack is an understatement (an insult to the raw marketing power it brings to your business), it’s worth a lot more than that — ReClick Is A Marketing Revolution!

For just a few days, you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of this marketing revolution happening right now…

Or miss out for life…

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And just if you’re looking for one more reason to love ReClick...
let me give you something to think about

Every single time you drive traffic to your website, squeeze pages or sales pages whether through ads, email or social media...

70% - 90% of your visitors end up leaving your site without subscribing or buying anything... that’s traffic you’ll lose if you don’t do anything about it today... simply said, YOUR BUSINESS IS BLEEDING!

ReClick is the only software out there that will plug this traffic leak and stop your business from bleeding by recapturing visitors who’re already about to leave your site and re-marketing your offers to them with a more convincing deal that they won’t resist.

You Cannot Get A Powerful Profit Hacking Machine
Like This Elsewhere (and anything that comes even a quarter
close requires huge monthly fees)

By now, you already know that we built ReClick for ourselves... we were desperate to stop our business from bleeding, leaking traffic and generate lots of revenue in the process, ReClick has helped us achieve just that. And right now, ReClick is helping 100s of our early beta customers generate lots of new customers, engage their audience, make sales and grow their business easily every single day.

Today, you too can join them...

Normally, for a software this powerful and hosted in the clouds, we should have charged a monthly subscription fee of $99 per month. Other marketing platforms (even though not as powerful as ReClick) charge no less than $79 per month for limited audience engagement (less than 300 users). ReClick is the ONLY marketing platform powered by both the brand new Behaviour-Monitoring Engine and the flagship Customer-Driven Funnels Technology!

BUT for this Grand Opening special, you won’t pay any
subscription fee — you’ll get LIFETIME license for small
one time fee and you’ll be allowed to

Create unlimited campaigns
Send unlimited traffic
Build unlimited audience
Capture unlimited leads
Engage unlimited customers
Sell unlimited products

Get lifetime access to reclick right now
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Reclick platform is well thought through from creation to execution plus monitoring. An excellent tool for people who are not trained or have knowledge on how to setup landing pages, split tests, eDM, analysis and etc. One stop for everything. The rest is simply to wait for the actual results after implementation. A toast to success!

Rebekah Poh

Mike Acquaviva

This thing is INCREDIBLE! LOVE the full screen covering for the opt-in forms!

Carl Kneller

ReClick’s interface, structure and incredibly well thought out features are visually and conceptually staggering. I saw this through an email with typical jaded DRM expectations, now i'm totally gobsmacked!

Try ReClick 30 Days Risk FREE

We’re 100% Confident That You Will Love ReClick and it will be without doubt the best re-capturing, re-engaging & remarketing software you will ever have and it will work as we’ve shown you but if for any reason, it doesn’t work for you or you will find it hard to use and grow your business then…

I’m Offering A Full 30-Day, No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with ReClick

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