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ReClick 2.0

Re-Capture, Re-Engage and Re-Market to Your Audience in Seconds -
All It Takes is for Them to Re-Click... Over 1 million "Lost Leads" SAVED and
Thousands of "Lost Sales" CLOSED!

  • Turn your abandoning visitors into customers.
  • Stop shoppers from abandoning cart.
  • Increase conversion rate on your marketing campaigns by over 250%.
  • Monitor visitor behaviour on your sites.
  • Build your email list faster, get up to 70% opt-in rate on your lead capture pages.
  • Giveaway discounts, coupons, trial offers and close more sales by any means necessary.
  • Place the embed on every sales page and convert your visitors into paying customers.

In the last 2 campaigns we ran using the platform this 2017, we SAVED 7,646 leads and CLOSED $83,738 sales that were all already lost
CBS Formula "Exit-Intent" Campaign Brought in 3,188
Leads and $33,350 in Revenue

...and FlowLeads "Exit-Intent" Campaign Brought in 4,458 Leads,
241 “mid-ticket” Sales and $50,000+ in Revenue

So, my question to you right now is...

Do you have a website, a blog, squeeze page, ecommerce store, or any landing page at all that you're driving traffic to?

Regardless of whether is viral traffic, paid ads, video traffic, free traffic...

Do you know how much of that traffic is WASTED?

All the effort, time and money spent in creating the product, building the page and driving the traffic... do you know how much of it goes to waste?
  • If your sales page is converting at 5% then 95% is wasted
  • If your lead page is converting at 30% then 70% is wasted

If wasting 70% - 95% of your traffic is what you signed up for as an online marketer then good luck with that!

But if you want to save your traffic, convert more sales and boost your ROI then allow...

...ReClick 2.0 to STOP the waste - our system will plug the leak and save those sales and leads for you in just 3 simple steps:

1: create a simple ReClick campaign
2: copy the code and place it on your page
3: then let it run and see the magic it will do for you.

From Today...

Never Let Any Visitors Leave Your Site
Before You Convert them to Leads or Sales

It's No Joke...

We're Taking Landing Pages converting at 5% - 10% and ramping
them up to Convert at 40% - 70% with very little work

And Now, We're Back with 2.0 - Fully ReBuilt with a Whole
New Engine and Newly Added Marketing Capabilities that Makes
Version 1.0 Look like a Mere Beta Test

...There's NO Better Time to Start Using ReClick on Your
Websites and Marketing Campaigns than Right now!
How & Where Can ReClick 2.0
Help Your Business?

Internet Marketer... sell more products faster and introduce new products effortlessly

As a marketer, what is the average conversion rate of your sales page? 1%? 5%? 10? - this is the truth for every online marketers, in fact having a sales page converting at 10% is a goldmine. So, what happens to the rest of your traffic? WASTED!

With ReClick 2.0 no more... you can now stop visitors about to leave your website, visitors who have stay on your site for certain period of time without buying, or visitors returning back to your site or visitors who have scrolled to certain level on your site without making a purchase and you offer them huge discounts, trial offers, price drops, bundle deals or more incentives to make them buy the product.

We were able to close over $80k in sales from our last 2 sales campaigns doing just this alone and if you don't want to hit them straight with a discount, you can collect their emails first and send the discount to their email.
On Your Blogs and Websites

Do you have a personal blog, a portfolio or a website where you connect with your audience...
just copy a simple script code from ReClick campaign, paste it there.

Once it's setup, ReClick will start collecting leads for you daily on your blogs, if you have products that you sell, ReClick will engage your visitors and convert them into leads for you so you can email them promoting your products
On Your Shopify &
eCommerce Stores

Use ReClick to stop potential customers who are about abandoning the carts (ReClick will make the last ditch of effort and save the sale for you)... what of when your customers browsing your products just opens a new tab, maybe to watch Trump get roasted on a viral video and totally forget he/she was buy that tanning lotion on your store, ReClick 2.0 comes with tab re-engage technology that will bring them back to your products page/store to continue shopping and even offer them a discount or some sort of incentive just to close the sale for you.

ReClick will also allow you to setup bundle offerings on your store to make you more money, maybe some shopper is browsing a hair trimmer of $17 on your store, you can use ReClick to offer them a full bundle hair kit for $199 and make a big sale in 1 click.

Honestly, ReClick can do so much for your online stores and eCommerce business, we have deep targeting and deployment parameters that makes this possible and it will take you only minutes to setup.
Social Media Marketer

Can you still remember how many links you've shared across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc? 10, 20, 100, 300? Or you can't even remember because you've lost count, right? Well, me too... I've lost count of the amount of links I've shared just on Facebook alone talk more of other platforms.

Do you even know how many thousands to millions of your potential audience have clicked on those links and visited those websites over the periods of months and years... websites you had no control over and you get zero benefit for sharing them.

Now, with ReClick 2.0's, any link you share on social media whether it's link to a news CNN, recipe on Yummly, expose on NYTimes, business strategy on Entrepreneur or tech breakthrough on TechCrunch will be geared to getting you leads and making you profits, you'll have full control of the link from your ReClick dashboard and you'll can drop campaigns to capture leads on those websites whenever any of your audience clicks and visits it.
Collect Email Leads Anywhere

This is pretty much the primary function of ReClick. Inside our dashboard, you can effortlessly create different types to lead generation campaigns targeting your page visitors based on their behaviours on and off side.

And you can convert them to leads effortlessly based on certain triggers... If you build a mailing list online and you're not using ReClick to on your lead capture pages, websites and blogs then you're loosing over 70% of your traffic... ReClick 2.0 can help you take a squeeze page converting at 20% to a staggering 60% opt-in rate in minutes.
And Regardless of How You Plan to Use ReClick 2.0, It Takes
Only 3 Simple Steps to Setup Really Profitable Campaigns:

Step #1

Create a campaign

We have over 40 professionally designed templates built with excellent craftsmanship and tailored to get you MORE leads and sales than your traditional sales funnels and lead capture pages

Step #2

Design & Configure

Our app comes pre-loaded with a realtime live editing interface that allows you to personalize your triggers, call to actions, and template designs in mere minutes - this is where you configure the performance of you campaigns, the platform is really seamless to use.

Step #3

Copy, Past & Profit

Now, all you do is just copy this 1 line of profit hacking code and place onto your sites, blogs, eCommerce stores, landing pages, videos pitches, webinar pitches, affiliate offers, bonus pages - it works just about anywhere, just copy, paste and start profiting immediately.
All Marketers Love and Use ReClick in
All Their Marketing Campaigns

Lance LaCroix

ReClick is a "game changer" piece of software! And the best part is seeing that it's cloud based - that gets rid of localized system "glitching" that adversely impacts performance.

tie Gatlin

ReClik is amazing... the platform will take us back to a time when merchants were respected and trusted, a time customers looked forward to your advice about the latest product.

Rebekah Poh

Reclick platform is well thought through from creation to execution plus monitoring. An excellent tool for people who are not trained or have knowledge on how to setup landing pages, split tests, eDM, analysis and etc. One stop for everything. The rest is simply to wait for the actual results after implementation. A toast to success! .

Paul Toschi

Today's marketing is all about customer engagement, relationship building, personalisation and trust. Reclick excels at all four.

And you should start using it too...

...Here Are Major Benefits of Using ReClick 2.0 on Your
Websites and Marketing Campaigns Above Any Other Platform?

Mat Marketing Technology Ensure that No Audience that
Comes to Your Page will Miss Any Offer You're Making

Sticky Gum Marketing Technology to Keep Your Offer
Front and Centre Always - It can't be missed!

Linko Marketing Technology Guaranteeing
You Make Most Profits When You Share Links on
Social Media or Promote Affiliate Offers

Tab Engagement Marketing Technology to Bring Visitors
Back to Your Site Even if They've Already Left

Sometimes, no matter what kind of sweet offer you make your visitors, they'll still leave or maybe they just press CTRL + T and open a new tab in their browser, either way... they've left your site and probably never come back but all that changes with our ReClick 2.0 Tab Engagement technology, we'll bring back their attention to your tab so they return to your website where ReClick will lies in wait

MORE Beautiful & Higher Converting Templates
Ready to Bring Back Your Lost Traffic, Save Leads
and Close Sales for You

Build Your Campaigns with Our Realtime Live Editors

Conversion Tracking for Optimal Campaign Performance

You'll now know firsthand which of your campaigns are bringing you sales and which ones are under- performing so you can improve on them and get amazing results on all your offers

Easily track your visitors, subscriptions and sales on every campaign you're running
with our intuitive analytics platform.

Professional Image Library with Access to Over 7 Million
Royalty Free Images to Use in Your Marketing Campaigns

Inbuilt Lead Management Tool to Locally Store
Your Subscribers & You Can Export to Anywhere
You Want Whenever You Want

ReClick is by default integrated with all the top email marketing service providers but you can also automatically store all your collected leads right inside the app and export to your
computer or autoresponder whenever you want.

Professionally Designed First Grade Help Centre
to Ensure a Hassle-Free Experience for You

Professionally Designed First Grade Help Centre to Ensure a Hassle-Free Experience for You

Even More Benefits...

Use With Unlimited Websites
and Landing Pages

Seamless Filing Structure -
Sort Campaigns into Projects

Unlimited Traffic - No Throttling

eCommerce & Shopify Ready

Works for All Languages & Countries

Everything is Mobile Ready

Sort Templates by their Performance &
Give Your Campaigns Great Head-start

Integrated With The Industry-
Leading Email Service Providers
And here's the BEST part...

ReClick 2.0 is the most intelligent!

For example:

1) You may not want somebody that has visited Page C on your site to see the offer you're making on Page J

2) Or maybe you don't want someone that came from Facebook to see the offer you're making on Page C

3) Or maybe you want have 3 different offers on page B, you want only visitors from London to see Offer 1 while visitors from New York to see Offer 2 and only visitors that came through Youtube and has not visited any other page on your site to see Offer 3.

4) You can also have a campaign on Page A targeting only people from USA who came through your Facebook fan page, have visited any other page on your site and has stayed on your site for more than 5 minutes.

And so much more...
...Over 100 Possible Automation & Targeting Rules!

Even with all these powerful marketing technologies built
into ReClick 2.0, our platform is the most affordable, you don't
need to pay monthly subscription like with similar platforms...

ExitMist - $149/Month
(50 campaigns & 50,000 visits)

KickOffLabs - $79/Month
(5 campaigns & 20,000 visits)

Privy - $199/Month
(3 websites)

ExitIntent - $69/Month
(4 websites, 100 campaigns)

OptinMonster - $39/Month

WisePops - $79/Month

MailMunch - $19/Month
(5 websites, with branding logo)

ExitMonitor - $99/Month
(1 websites, 2 campaigns, 30,000 visits)

PicReel - $149/Month
(5 websites, 50,000 visits)
But with
ReClick 2.0,
you get:

Unlimited visits & page views

Unlimited websites & domains

Unlimited projects

Unlimited campaigns

Unlimited leads

Unlimited automations

Unlimited cloud hosting

Unlimited app integrations

Unlimited updates

Unlimited support

And all these for a "tiny" one-time fee - no monthly charges


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Join ReClick 2.0 with Full Confidence - Your Purchase is
Backed by a Solid 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We trust the competence and performance
of the software we've built here that we're willing to bet on it.

So, here's the deal...

Go ahead now, purchase ReClick, create your campaigns and deploy them on your active sites and marketing campaigns... if in the next 30 days, it didn't help you collect extra leads or generate more sales.

Contact us with a proof (screenshot/video) that you used it and it didn't work for you, we'll fully refund you and even pay you $100 for wasting your time... yes, that's how much we trust ReClick platform.

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